Types and Categories of Handbags Available in the Market


Women love handbags. Every time, when they out, they love to carry handbags. Whenever they go for a shopping they love to purchase or bring one of their handbags with them. Handbags are becoming the most essential fashion accessory in women’s wardrobe. There are so many types and categories of handbags available in the market such as embroidered, clutch, leather, printing, satchel bags and many more. There are a huge collection of bags.

Handbags suppliers are the one that supplies different types of handbags in the market. It is very easy to contact with these bags suppliers.

Let us know about the specialty of these bags:

• Embroidered Bags

As the name suggests, these are an embroidered Bags comes in multi-colors embroidery and are made up of beautiful fabrics with a thread that serves as a knot on the end. There are various Embroidered Bags Manufacturers available in markets especially in Indian markets and are very famous with wedding outfits these days.

• Clutch bags

These are tiny-handbags that can be carried in your hands and are perfect for parties and weddings. These are very small rectangular without any handle. Some brands offer clutches with compartments and thus, give you more space than the normal ones.

• Printing Handbags

These kinds of Printing Handbags are very famous in the national market these days as it comes in different shapes, prints, colors, patterns, and specifications. Moreover, these are hugely accredited for their fine durability, lightweight; finish and high tear strength.

• Sling Bag

This is another player in the bags market, where manufacturer designed this for cross-body and comes in all sizes and shapes. These are perfect for traveling, shopping, and running errands. If you are looking bags that support you with your kids then these types of bags are perfect for your need and comfort.

• Shoulder Bags

These are everyday bags and mainly used for official purposes. They go best with formals and Western semi-formals. They are big and easily fit in all your bare necessities, and comes in every brand variants.

• Leather Bags

These are specially made for office going people, and they hit the sweet spot between being an everyday handbag and in keeping their office documents. It often comes with a sling and is very spacious. These days, Leather Bags Manufacturers China uses a variety of leathers as per the range in designing.

• Satchel Handbags

These are big unlike the briefcase and can be used for carrying office laptop and files. With this bag, you will get a long strap so that it diagonally crosses the body or can be hanged on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. This one is usually popular with the men. There various Satchel Handbags suppliers, that gives you a wide variety of these style bags and are very reasonable in price.

• Backpack

These bags are specially made for travelers. These bags are a spacious long bag that is designed to keep bare minimums during a short journey. These bags are large in height rather than in width.

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