How To Buy The Pure Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is becoming popular because the new age designers have taken responsibility for making these jewelry pieces awesome and beautiful. They come up with unique designs that one hadn’t thought before. Designers take inspiration from our regular world and given them a beautiful shape which is widely adorned by women. But one more thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting these pieces is checking the purity of the material. This is why you need to choose an authentic store that has years of trust. These stores will offer pure quality because they will not play with their loyal customers’ trust.
Apart from this, you have to check your piece to ensure that you get the best quality. Remember that poor quality material will tarnish soon. No matter how trendy the design is, your piece will look old with time. Many ways help you check your silver piece. The content discusses the details so that you get the knowledge completely.
Your observation must start by checking the label of the piece. If your piece has inscription like ‘ster’ or sterling, it is made of 92.5 silver or very close to the pure material. If the item has the ‘IS’ mark, it means your piece contains international silver or silver plated.
You can also test with a neodymium magnet. Tilt your piece 45 degrees and place magnet on its surface. If the magnet glides down, it is pure. If it sticks, it is fake. The real one is non-magnetic.
There is another way to ensure that your jewelry piece is of pure quality. Do the ice cube test. Take two ice cubes – place one on your silver, and place another on the regular pan. If the ice cube on your silver melts faster, that means it is pure. Pure silver is heat conductive.
The best stores are offering beautiful silver pieces to people. They are designed with the best styles. Impeccable works are shown by every cut of the piece. Modern designers are earning appreciation for this. Silver jewelry collection offers beautiful pieces with some extraordinary notes. So you must know whether your piece is made of the right material or not.
Apart from the physical testing formula, you can also do chemical testing. Some chemicals can tell whether your piece is pure or not. Nitric Acid test is one of the very popular ways of checking pure silver. You need to find a place of your jewelry piece that cannot be seen by others commonly. Apply a few drops on it. If the area turns creamy white, the material is pure. If it becomes green, it is not original.
You can also test your silver with a bleach. Apply it in a discreet area of your piece, and if your piece tarnishes, it is made of real quality. Remember that bleach damages your item.
You can also do the silver acid test. A few drops of acid will reveal everything about your silver and its composition. If the acid takes bright or dark colors, the quality is pure. If the acid takes brown color, it contains 80% of silver. If it is green, the material is 50%. If it shows other colors, it means that your piece is made of a different material.
Silver jewelry has its market because many women prefer this jewelry piece over the traditional choices. These pieces allow women to roam freely and fulfill their different job roles. Along with identifying the best silver, you need to keep a few things in mind while selecting a store.
You must inspect the price of your silver with the best silver jewelry. Check the current market price of the material. If the price your shoppers offer is shockingly cheap, it means that the jewelry is not real.
If you can talk to the seller of the silver jewelry, it helps you a lot. Ask the questions you are looking for to them. When you are purchasing online, choose the most reputed names that have good reviews from the customers also. The online store must have a solid and clear refunding option.
Buy the pure quality silver for your fashion. Silver that shines pure will not tarnish soon. Keep your jewelry piece in the protected places that are not exposed to oxidation.

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