How to Maintain and Clean Your Leather Jackets


Leather can be a complex material, but taking care of it doesn’t have to. Leather Situs Slot Gacor jacket is an iconic gear and with the passage of time it continues to be a staple for both male and female wardrobes. Whether they’re classic biker jackets or bomber jackets, it appears that leather jackets are here to stay forever. To make sure your leather jacket stays longer in your closet, you must clean and care for it the right way because it needs special treatment. So, take some time and follow these best practices to learn about caring for your leather jackets.

Be Sure to Keep Your Jacket Dry

A leather jacket from an authentic brand like Cougar can become a lifetime garment but you must have some basic care to keep your jacket supple and attractive. Most manufactures use imitation leather since it is a lightweight material and available in a variety of colors, it is also cheaper than real leather. Remember never to put a leather jacket into washing machine and avoid wearing it on rainy days. If it does get wet, make sure you hang it to air dry naturally before putting it back in the closet.

Hang Your Jacket in a Proper Way

A leather jacket is definitely an investment in your wardrobe because its more durable and if you want to keep it in good condition, give it some treatment. You might have seen numerous creases on the jacket due to prolonged or improper storage. It is recommended to hang the jacket on wooden hangers and to obtain excellent results use a steam generator or an iron with the option of vertical steam.

Apply Leather Conditioner

You can give your jacket a maintenance treatment at home, ideally recommended at least once a year. Apply leather conditioner on your jacket even when its new and then several times a year. Carefully apply a small amount of conditioner using a lint free cloth and rub on the leather jacket in circular motion. Clean excess conditioner and repeat till the entire jacket has been treated or else it will lose its shine and brightness. Leather conditioners and creams can be easily found in stores which sell leather products.

Keep It Away from Heat

You would definitely agree that leather jacket is a good essential to have in the wardrobe, it not only keeps you warm during the winter weather but its also fashionable and daring. Leather is a delicate material and it is important to take care of it properly. Since it doesn’t tolerate unforeseen changes in the temperature, which may deform or permanently damage your jacket. It is always better to put leather protection spray before wearing to prevent your jacket from any harm.

Effective Cleaning Solutions

A leather jacket never gets out of style for many years but before putting it on the hanger, let’s make sure it is clean and bright. If you’re using any industrial product for cleaning purpose, the ideal way is to undergo a patch test to make sure no damage has been done. You may also use some natural household products like white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to eliminate marks or stains. Make an abrasive paste to apply on the stain using a soft cloth and carefully clean the jacket.

Hence proper care of your leather jacket will not only keep its color fresh but it will also save it from getting any brittle or dry surface. Whether you tend to avail a dry-cleaning service or attempting to clean it at home be sure to prevent its originality because being cautious is the only way to make your jacket last long.

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